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Welcome to ACTFA School of Dance and Performing Arts, Singapore.

Whether you are looking to learn dance as a profession or just to have fun we are sure to have a dance course to fit your needs.
Based at our 8,500 square head office in Singapore at Bukit Merah, we offer a variety of dance classes including salsa, bachata, tango, hip hop etc tailored to suited all levels. In addition we offer structured programs for those who are interested in teaching and performing at the highest levels. This includes Absna's professional SFDF, Diploma and IHDC courses. Further details can be found below.
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$158 for 13 Offer Classes
Salsa & Hip Hop(Basic, Intermediate), Ballet, Isolation, Yoga, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive, Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep

$225 for 13 Standard Classes
Rueda / Casino, Bachata, Merengue, Street Cha Cha, Cuban Salsa, On2 Salsa, Argentine Tango,Afro Cuban, Kizomba,
Lumbia, West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 Step, Modern Jive, Zouk, Jazz, Reggaeton, Broadway, Tap, Pop & Lock, Bboy, Parkour, Pilates, Belly Dance, Ladies Shine Salsa, Ladies Styling Salsa,Sensual, Exotic Dance, , Acting, Modeling, Singing, Voice

$300 for 13 Pole Dance Classes
Basic Pole Dance, Intermediate Pole Dance

Absna IHDC 3 Years Dance Course
Students considering an overseas dance degree
can choose to take the Full-Time IHDC as an alternative career path. The IHDC Dance course conducted by Absna is a 3-Year Full-Time or Part-Time Practical Dance Performer & Instructor Professional Program.
Trainee teachers positions are open from time to time for Maldives, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, London, Los Angeles and other countries for IHDC holders or IHDC trainees, please contact us for details.

Once you graduate from SFDF or Diploma in Dance you will be able to teach the Basic and Intermediate Level Dance Classes

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Hip HopTango

Alex Da SilvaTango TVGermany

In the 3 years course, IHDC students will not only have the option to travel to at least 3 different regional countries for dance classes, they will also have an option to take classes in other famous dance schools in London, Paris, New York or Los Angeles and learn from some of the instructors behind famous dancers, singers and artistes worldwide.
Many top performing IHDC undergraduates from Absna also have the opportunity to teach alongside famous instructors during some of these overseas trips.

Part of the IHDC course can be taken in Maldives, Hong Kong, Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, India, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Please check with your course consultant for details.

Absna IHDC Part- Time Program
3 to 7 years part-time

Bianca join the IHDC part-time program when she just finish Junior College within 6 months she was dancing as a dancer for Music Videos, is currently charging $70/hr for private class and have traveled to many countries including Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong and London to teach and perform.

Many IHDC top undergraduates have constantly received assignments with TV network like Media Corp.

Starlinn Choo - Actfa Instructor (Actfa IHDC Graduate 2007)

Starlinn Choo join the part-time IHDC program in 2004 while studying in NUS year 1 and was training 12 hours a day, she completed her program in 3 years in 2007. In 2008 she pursue her IMDC Dance Business and now is doing her 3 years IPHDC Dance Product Research. While pursuing her IHDC she was already charging $70 per hour for her private class, $1,200 for performance and travelling around the world for assigment.

Starlinn Choo Yanqing
World #1 Female Lead Salsa Dancer
Starlinn Choo also known as Yanqing is one of the top Salsa dancers and Instructors in the world. Her videos under salsa performances received the highest hit in the world from June to October 2006. She has been featured on many TV and Newspapers in Asia. She has been invited as a guest performer, artist, teacher and judge for many overseas Salsa Dance Competitions, Festivals, Congresses and assigment including USA, England, France, Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Taiwan and has been voted "Top Female Salsa Dancer in Asia" by in 2005. In 2006, Starlinn was also awarded the NUS Student Achievement Award in Arts and Culture for her achievements in dance. She is the Champion of the Singapore 1st Open Salsa Competition 2005, Champion of Xenbar Professional Salsa Competition 2005. She is the one you see dancing on the TV screen in buses, food courts, shopping malls on TV Mobile and TV programs featured all over Singapore and has worked on and appeared in many Chinese, Tamil and English TV programs in Singapore. Her students are known to fly in from various countries just to take her classes.

Starlinn has over 15 years of Ballet experience before she join the IHDC program and now teaches Salsa On1, On2, Cuban Style, Afro Cuban, Bachata, Merengue, Rueda, Belly dance, Jazz, Yoga, Pilates, Latin, Argentine Tango, Hip-hop, Reggaeton and Sensual dance. She is known for bringing the Hip-hop and Belly dancing styles into Salsa in Asia and introduce Zouk & Reggaeton to Singapore. She is the main choreographer for Asia's First Salsa Musical Comedy that was premiered at the Summer Dancefit 2006 with a revise performance at Kallang Theathre later that year, Salsa for Beginners (Theatre and Reality Movie) in the Singapore Salsa Congress 2006 and Hokkien Salsa in the Singapore Salsa Festival 2007 and Christmas Salsa in Victoria Theatre in December 2007. Between 2004 to 2006 she has produced over 20 dance DVDs, these DVDs can be found around the world and on She also designed a range of Salsa Dance Shoes on sale at and at some shoe retail store worldwide. With her instructor & mentor Jaztin, they have developed the Super Spin Salsa Video and are famous for their Hammer Lock Nine Spin.

Actfa Instructors

Kallang Tjeathre
Actfa Dance Production @ Kallang Theatre 2006

Actfa Dance Production @ Victoria Theatre 2007

Full Show With Live Band @ Esplanade - Produce by Actfa

Cuban Fiesta @ Actfa Dance Studio

IHDC students are very sought after by overseas organizations as dance instructors, performers and artists. They have been invited to teach and as an artists for dance festival and assignment worldwide including London, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Maldives, USA, Guangzhou, Bejing, Shanghai, Thailand, Malaysia, Burnei, Taiwan, Australia, Cuba, Argentina, Mysore, Bangalore, Hong Kong and more.


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Starlinn Choo
Actfa's student turn dance instructor

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